What is your biggest skin care challenge and cream or brand what do you use to solve it?

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8 Answers

  1. msangelalvann wrote on :

    Good morning! I’m “a walker,” therefore my greatest skin care challenge is getting and keeping ‘an even skin tone!’ I like to use items from “the pantry,” as we like to say, for skin care as often as possible! I use a VO5 moisturing shampoo — yes, you heard correctly!!! — for cleansing! It’s terrific for removing sweat, oil & dirt without stripping the skin! I then use cornmeal as a scrub, and hand sanitizer as an astringent, on an as needed basis! Yup, you heard that right too! I’m laughing out loud! 🙂 A mask; if desired, can be a mashed banana and/or an egg white! Oh; by the way, buttermilk makes for an excellent mask too! 🙂 On to the moisturizer! Honey, it is! Dab on a dot or two, spritz the face and neck with water, and massage. If extra moisturizing is needed, olive oil or cocoa butter added to the honey works! I’ve been complimented on my skin a lot, but it is all about ‘the conscientious effort,’ believe you-me! My routine is not meant for everyone, but it is the route I choose to take. I like that it is much more natural, and that the item(s) are ones that can be found in the home. Here’s to looking at all of us ladies: ‘Living Long, Living Well, Living Fully!’ Happy, happy Tuesday – already! Shalom!

  2. Avongirl wrote on :

    Right now I’m loving Garnier 5 second blur. My challenge is super dry skin and this feels so smooth on your face!! I got a subscription to allure magazine and in it there’s always lots of skin care samples so it’s a good way to try new and good products.

  3. Maria Comfort wrote on :

    Hi Tookie,
    The biggest skin care challenge that has been presented to me at the spa is dry skin. Even those with seemingly oily skin are dry underneath. The best solution I have found for this is extra virgin olive oil. It helps to keep the skin moist at all times. Because it has a cell size smaller than your blood cell, the EVOO penetrates deep into your skin, keeping it quite moist without oily residue. It also has all the anti-oxidants the body requires in direct proportion. Less than 1/2 a teaspoon applied to your face and neck after cleansing, and by day five people will ask what you are doing. If you feel you have applied too much, simply blot with a tissue. Your skin will be supple and healthy.

    • tookie wrote on :

      So great to hear your thoughts, thanks for sharing!
      I love the custom tips. Best

  4. Cubie131 wrote on :

    People in my family tend to get lines around the lip area-like smokers, although we are not. I use Anew Platinum Eye and Lip Cream faithfully to prevent them. I also want my skin to look as healthy and vibrant as possible so I use Philosophy Microdelivery peel once a week. It gives you a wonderful glow and your skin feels amazing afterwards.

    • tookie wrote on :

      Terrific feedback, thank you so much for sharing what works for you!
      It’s all about the GLOW!

  5. redAllison wrote on :

    Dark spots from sun damage is my biggest skincare challenge. I use Poetry in Lotion Retinol product to help fade them. Not a total fix, but it does help lighten them.

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