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Anonymous asks:
i have extreme weight gain that came out of know were, im 16 years old and 4'11 and weigh 156 pounds, doctors tested my thyro glands and stuff and every thing seemed normal, also my breast are 36dd, i tried exercising and eating healthy but nothing is taking down my weight and i got extremely big stretch marks on my body from the rapid weight gain, should i get surgery on my body or like what should i do?

On: 05/02/2014 10:13 pm

To doctors from: Wisconsin

Category: Body (General)


DrGustavoGalante on 05/04/2014 11:32 pm wrote:
The rapid weight gain is generally outside the scope of what plastic surgeons treat, but the effects of that problem can be addressed. it is best to wait until your weight and breast size are stabilized prior to attempting to perform any surgical procedure. Otherwise you may have to reoperate on an area that has recurrent excess skin or regrowth of breast tissue. It is best to be examined by a board certified plastic surgeon to help advise you on how to proceed.