52 years old and have never used fillers, lasers or any type of cosmetic in office treatment .. Now it is time. What suggestions can you offer for deep dark tired eye circles and droopy jowl area? Also, I was born with a small mole on my upper lip which now looks like smokers lips. Really interested in a long term treatment for that area. Considering all the money I spend on anti-aging products,really entertaining the idea of seeing a professional.

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  1. DrKourosAzar wrote on :

    Thanks for writing, obviously to address the jowl problem, fillers like Voluma do a great job but do only last about 1 year. You could easily spend $2-3K on fillers per year so therefore I recommend a face and neck lift, which when done naturally like I perform them, will not make you look different but will turn back the clock 10 years or more. Upper lip wrinkles can be addressed with laser resurfacing at the time of the facelift. We use a very safe device called the Smartskin. The mole could be removed or left alone depending on if it looks medically worrysome or not. For the dark circles, I would have to see what is going on. We would be happy to offer you a complimentary consultation. 805-373-7073. Dr,. Kouros Azar

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