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52 years old and have never used fillers, lasers or any type of cosmetic in office treatment .. Now it is time. What suggestions can you offer for deep dark tired eye circles and droopy jowl area? Also, I was born with a small mole on my upper lip which now looks like smokers lips. Really interested in a long term treatment for that area. Considering all the money I spend on anti-aging products,really entertaining the idea of seeing a professional.

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I’m considering having my 28 year old breast implants removed. I don’t want new implants, but I’m unsure of whether I should have a mastopexy or not. I have protein S deficiency and am currently on Coumadin which complicates my situation. Can you give any advice? I am 50 years old.

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I am 29 and I have lost weight and gained it so many times. I am flabby — how much does it cost for a lipo and tummy tuck on my abdomen?

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What is “threading”? I’ve heard it as an alternative to botox, but I haven’t read up on what this procedure involves; such as “down time”, pain involved, general costs of treatment(s),
and/or duration/lasting effects of the aesthetics purportedly produced by this treatment. Any information would be greatly appreciated!!! 🙂

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I am 19 years old and I feel that my breast are very far apart and saggy. I wish to have a breast lift but I feel that my body can grow a little bit more…I don’t know– what do you think?

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I’m 46yrs old & had breast implants 12years ago.. They still look great but at the bottom the implant feels ruptured. It was suggested I had them replaced & fat transferred to give more volume & more a natural feeling .. I would appreciate your honestly if the chances of the fat surviving with the implants is worth carrying out.

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After my 4th child, I gained 100 pounds. I have lost some of that weight, but I have ‘folds’, & my skin breaks out on my tummy. Would a tummy tuck be considered cosmetic surgery through my insurance?

Robin Spindt

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