Introducing FEM: A Marketplace Exclusively for Women Entrepreneurs 45+

If you’ve got something you want to sell or present to other wonderful women in the FabOverFifty community, you’re in for a treat!

Starting today, we’re turning a section of the site over to you, where you can introduce yourself and your product or service, link to your website and provide other contact information.

And it won’t cost you a penny.
Get started now!

When we asked, a few months ago, if you’d participate in a section like this, over 700 FOFs enthusiastically responded, “YES!”

“I’d love to sell my personal collection of vintage clothing and collectibles. And also wonderful jewelry pieces my friend creates. His pieces are amazing and beautiful,” said Marilyn.

“I’m starting a new business as a Patient Advocate and Health Care System Navigator, which I’d promote,” said Sue-Rae.

“I’d like to expand my at home Bookkeeping Business,” wrote Louette.

We weren’t surprised by the reaction. More and more women are becoming imbued with the spirit of entrepreneurship in the United States. Women-owned enterprises have increased a whopping 68 percent since 1998. Today, we own over 9.1 million businesses in the US, according to a report commissioned by American Express.

People aged 55 to 64 started almost 25 percent of all new businesses in 2012, up from 14.3 percent in 1996, according to a study by the Kauffman Foundation, a support organization for US startups. I’d guess women represent well over half of these.

While this movement may not be so great for corporations—which are losing our intelligence, curiosity, drive, creativity, passion, loyalty, common sense, team spirit and a host of other traits—entrepreneurship allows us to operate without the politics, bureaucracy, mediocrity and downright arrogance that plague far too many of them.

“We all have talents to share, but often not the means to just get started,” said FOF member, Janna.

That’s where FabOverFifty comes in. We’re not trying to be ebay or Etsy. We simply want to give YOU—THE GREATEST GENERATION OF WOMEN—the chance to showcase all the great things you’re doing. Then, you make the sale and you keep all the money.

Who Can Participate

We’re accepting submissions from any FOF member who wishes to promote:

  • Something you create (i.e. jewelry, art, hand-knitted pieces)
  • A service you provide (i.e. travel agent, recruiter, accountant, makeup artist, trainer, interior designer, image consultant)
  • Special items you’re selling (i.e. antiques, jewelry, furniture, vintage clothing & accessories)
  • Products you represent (i.e. beauty products, clothing)
  • Something else (i.e. a book you’ve written, specialty food items you make, an original DVD you’ve recorded)

Here’s what you’ll need
to do to participate

Look to the right of this blog (at the top of the page) and you’ll see a spot to ‘Submit Your Seller Profile’. Enter all the relevant information, as directed. All material submitted is subject to editing by the FabOverFifty team. The public publishing of profiles is at the discretion of FabOverFifty. A few tips:

  • You only have 1000 characters to sell yourself and your business, so make sure each word counts!
  • Make sure to include “http://” at the beginning of your website so your link works properly.
  • The ‘Featured Image’ is a small thumbnail, so we recommend submitting a square image, such as a logo.

Go build your seller
profile now!

(Remember, it’s free!)

(The profile form is at the top right of this screen.)

To see a sample profile, click here.

Questions: Call Geri (917) 846-9359
or Alex (212) 717-6380

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  • Youthful Woman USA

    Hi, I submitted my profile a few weeks ago but I still don’t see it. Did it not go through or did I not qualify for some reason? Thanks for your help.

  • laura truglio

    Is this still active?

  • merryl

    Hi. I just joined. This looks like a great site. Question – i filled out my business form and when i clicked done- the post just went away. I just want to know that you received it. I know it takes time to post. If you did get it, where do i look for it please?

  • Lynette Barbieri

    I love being able to share our Products and Services with the FabOverFifty women! I Believe strongly in the power o connections an that together we do achieve more! Lets connect on Twitter @lynettebarb

  • Leigh Martin

    HI Geri, wonderful site you have here. I plan to register my product which help women with fine or thin hair have instantly fuller, more fabulous and more “perky” looking up-dos.

    What I wanted to say for now is just to help you out and alert you that on your post about there is no link to the site itself, only the 5 products you mentioned individually. You should totally get a click-through to though for giving them a shout out and it should open in a separate window so that we don’t end up leaving your terrific site to check them.

    Cheers, Leigh Martin age 54

  • LaRinda

    how do I submit a question about sex on here>???

  • Coach Christine

    Thank you for posting my profile. I wanted to make a couple of changes. Please let me know how to edit my FEM profile.

  • Lori Smith

    I submitted my profile last night, how do I know when it’s up and how do I find it? Not quite sure how this works 🙂

  • This is great, thanks so much for doing this!!!

  • Samantha Anne Hart

    Profile submitted

  • Sherri Preston

    I did submit profile but received no confirmation, hopefully it was received,,
    Thanks again..

  • Sherri Preston

    I’m in!! Love the idea, signing up today…

  • Genie Geer

    What a great idea and opportunity! I will be signing up this week. Thanks, Geri!

  • Very interesting info… thanks for sharing…

  • Riodejaneiro23

    This looks like a great opportunity but I fall at the first hurdle as I have an online guide to uniquely beautiful places to stay in Brazil- and I am based IN Brazil. With your platform it seems you either have to be in Canada or Australia (?) which is crazy in this on-line era…

  • How will I know if my seller profile went through? Does it take a couple of days to upload? Not sure if I posted it correctly, new to this site any info on this would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Linda,

      We did receive your profile and it will be posted early this week.

      Geri Brin

  • YouniquebySharonJackson

    good morning. I do like this site. Interesting information & products.

    • Geri Brin

      So glad you do, Sharon!

  • Kim

    I submitted my profile about a week ago. Does it take time to show up, or did it not go through? Wilhite Photography

    • Geri Brin

      Hi Kim,

      Your profile was posted today. Did you receive my email earlier today about emailing a quote? Geri Brin

      • Kim

        I saw that my profile is loaded. Thank you! I also got the “quote” email and just sent something to you.

        • Geri Brin

          Got it, Kim! Thanks

  • Virginia

    Hello, I entered two on line bussinesses I have but I think I made a mistake and added the same http.// link on both applictaions. What do I need to do to be sure that this error is corrected? Thank you.

    • Geri Brin

      Hi Virginia,

      It’s all straightened out!


  • Virginia

    Thank you so much for this opportunity to reach more women with my business on Fab over Fifty. I am so happy to be able to offer quality clothing at affordable prices to all woman of all sizes! Thank you!!!

    • Geri Brin

      You’re welcome, Virginia!


    Great idea. I became an entrepreneur at 54 and am pretty darn proud of it. Looking forward to reading about and supporting other women like me.

    • GeriFOF

      Hi Carole,

      Just peeked at your website. Looks wonderful. If you haven’t submitted your profile, don’t forget to do it!



        Hi Geri, I did submit my profile, but I submitted for my other business, Emu Bliss. Would I be able to submit a profile for Rustic Artistry as well?

        • GeriFOF

          Hi Carole,

          Yes, by all means do that!


  • Geri,
    Thank you, very much, for offering FEM. Truly generous. Bless you!

    • GeriFOF

      You’re welcome, Melani!

  • Ellen Herbert

    This is such a good idea. Thank you for doing this. I am excited to meet new colleagues and friends!

    • GeriFOF

      Hi Ellen,
      It pleases me greatly to read your comment. Thank you. I’ve edited your profile this evening, so you can expect it to be posted tomorrow, latest Friday. We will doing everything we can to support your business.
      Best, Geri

  • Thank you for doing this, Geri! What a fabulous opportunity & great resource, but a wonderful way to meet other faboverfifty ‘sisters’, and support them! Thank you & Happy Thanksgiving!

    • GeriFOF

      Hi Kim,
      You are welcome. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


  • GeriFOF

    Hi Ladies, Make sure to tell all the women you know–45+–about this. It’s free, and we are determined to help as many sister entrepreneurs as we can to promote their businesses. We need the world to know about the worthwhile, beautiful, smart things we’re doing. Let’s start a groundswell. What fun that would be.

  • Ali Moss

    Thank you for doing this Geri. Being over 50 doesn’t mean we just stop being creative or lose our business skills so having a venue to put them out there with the support of other FOF’s is something that has been sorely needed.

    • GeriFOF

      Hi Ali,
      Makes me feel so good to read your absolutely terrific comment. Doing this for other women with businesses makes me feel I have “found my calling.” Thank you!
      Fondly, Geri

  • What a wonderful opportunity!

    • GeriFOF

      Hi Antionette,

      So glad you feel this way. We do, too, so it feels good to have the endorsement of women like you. I believe your profile was posted today. Starting the week after Thanksgiving, we’ll be promoting everyone’s business on a continuing basis. Happy T-day,

      Best, Geri

  • GeriFOF

    We’re excited to be getting wonderful submissions in beauty, jewelry, fashion, coaching, and more. Keep ’em coming, ladies! We want to show off your passions, talents and help your businesses to thrive.

    • It’s DreamWork

      Thank you for creating this platform – what a fantastic resource! I’ve created my profile but can’t seem to go back in and edit it. Does it need to be approved first?

      • Geri Brin

        Hi It’s DreamWork,

        You are welcome. We will edit your profile and send you a notification once it’s posted. You can let us know whenever you want to make changes. Is there something you want us to add now?

        Happy T-Day,
        Geri Brin