Debbie Martin SAID:

How bad does eyelid overhang have to be before eye lift surgery is covered by insurance?

  • DrElizabethMorgan

    The excess skin must block peripheral vision, usually as testing by standardized peripheral field examination at an ophthalmologist’s office.

  • DrEAMusarra

    Dear Debbie,

    Eyelid surgery is a very common esthetic operation, usually done to improve the appearance of the eyelids.
    Many cases are done to remove excess skin of the upper eyelids when this skin is blocking peripheral vision
    when looking upward and to the side. Most insurance companies will require what is called a visual field
    examination. This will determine if the blockage is significant for the insurance to cover the procedure.
    This type of exam is best done by an opthalmologist who doesn’t do the surgery so there won’t be any conflict of interest. Also there are 2 components of this problem. One is the large amount of excess skin that blocks vision. The other is the excess skin pushing the eyelid down to also block vision. Your board certified plastic surgeon will coordinate this activity to help you take care of this problem.
    Dr. Tony Musarra Marietta, Ga. 770 421 1242

  • DrGustavoGalante

    A visual field exam can document obstruction of your peripheral fields of vision. See your ophthalmologist for this evaluation and then your plastic surgeon. It may or may not be a covered prodedure;that depends on your benefits.