darlened SAID:

I would like to have my breast lifted. At 57 they are sagging, but I don’t want them bigger…just higher. lol Is there a procedure for that?

3 Answers

  1. DrRobertaGartside wrote on :

    For women whose breasts have sagged, the usual procedure is to do a breast lift without changing the size of the breasts. We will occasionally recommend small implants or even small reductions based on what your goals are. I understand that you do not want larger breasts, the only reason to recommend a small implant may be when a woman also wants not only a more lifter but a fuller, firmer look. Best way to determine that is with a consultation.

  2. DrCsabaMagassy wrote on :

    Dear Darlene: The breast lift, is the procedure for you.Higher breast without adding volume.Outpatinet procedure(We have a fully accredited Surgical facilities on the premises) Minimal scaring and great results. Access my web site for more info.

  3. DrJeffreyDitesheim wrote on :

    there is a good example of a 58 yr old woman who had lost 40 lbs and had “sagging breasts” (see http://www.empowermd.com Results: Breasts: After Weight Loss, lower left patient) You can see how a sagging breast can be reshaped to feel higher and have better shape.

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