Deed SAID:

Two things are bothering me as I age: the vertical lip line curse (no smoking, but I still have lines), and the fact that the left side of my face has more wrinkles than the right side (from sun damage from driving, I think….) Any solutions?

  • DrKevinTehrani

    Dear Darva,
    Fillers like Restylane, Juvederm or Perlane can be used to address your concerns with minimal to no downtime. You are correct regarding the sun exposure to the left side of the face because of driving. The reverse is true in countries like Australia.

  • DrWilliamRosenblatt

    Things can be done for lines. There are fillers and other dermatologic treatments such as peels and lasers. Asymmetry may be helped but never is it fully equalized. Humans are asymmetrical, we may have to of the same items but usually one side of the face is different from the other as one hand is larger than the other.