var SAID:

What procedures could be done to feminize the orbicularis oris? It sometimes gives the appearance of a mustache/beard shape around the lips under the skin and is very annoying. Would administering small amounts of Botox at a time cause it to atrophy to be more feminine in size? Or what other procedures are available to feminize its size and shape? Would adding fat to the jaws help?

  • DrJeffreyDitesheim

    You mention a real frustration and there are many options. A picture would be helpful. Look for a plastic surgeon who has expertise in lips and can discuss the different options with you.

  • DrSteveLaverson

    Great question! Many creative ways to “feminize” and beatify lips and “peri-oral” region. The surgeon-artist must evaluate, plan, and perform these office procedures in partnership with each unique patient, considering presenting appearance, anatomic features, and individual goals.