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Many fab women I know over 50 are exasperated by bags and puffiness under their eyes. Don’t even get them started on those annoying crow’s feet that landed at the outer corners. Regrettably, these unwelcome signs of aging are facts of life, especially after our skin has been exposed to decades of sun. 

I’ve used concealers, serums – even cucumber slices – to reduce the trio of irksome eye problems. Not a single one has lived up to its promises! 

When Westmore Beauty invited me to try its 60-Second Eye Effects Tinted Firming Eye Gel as the editor of a trusted website I thought “sure, what do I have to lose?” I remembered seeing – but not believing – the results when the gel was demonstrated on TV on a 70-year-old woman. “Impossible,” I thought. Now I’d get to see for myself if it really works.

I asked my sister Shelley if she’d apply 60-Second Eye Effects, too, so we could compare the results. Since a photo is worth a thousand words, take a look at how it worked on us!

Results may vary

Just like the tube says, it took about 60 seconds to diminish the look of our under-eye discoloration, fine lines and puffiness. Our crow’s feet looked less noticeable too. What’s more, the skin felt and looked firmer and the texture was smoother.  

Even though we’ve been staying close to home during the last few months – and hardly ever wear makeup – 60-Second Eye Effects has become our go-to product every single day. 

This stuff is magical! Actually, it’s Hollywood Magic.

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Results may vary

The Westmore family has been involved in the Hollywood makeup business for over 100 years. They opened the first movie studio hair and makeup department in 1917, glamorized stars including Marilyn Monroe and Shirley McLaine, and did the special effects for movies such as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  

If anyone knows how to create Hollywood makeup magic, it’s the Westmore family. Leveraging decades of artistic genius, technical skill and scientific know-how, the Westmore’s developed the precise formula that makes 60-Second Eye Effects work. 

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The secret is Flex-Tensor Technology, which creates an invisible and flexible film that instantly smooths and tightens under-eye skin, especially the “bags” you want to send packing. Color correctors in the formula help diminish the look of dark circles. Hyaluronic acid provides hydration to help plump the skin. And, special light-reflecting, micro-filler ingredients fill in lines and pores so under-eye skin appears smoother and more radiant. What’s more, the formula includes retinol and vitamin E, two remarkable anti-aging ingredients. 

The results of 60-Second Eye Effects Firming Gel are so unmistakably astonishing that all 30 women who participated in a company-sponsored user perception study agreed:

  The appearance of crow’s feet and under-eye circles was visibly diminished.

  Lines and wrinkles appeared significantly diminished.

  Skin felt and appeared firmer.

  Skin texture was visibly improved. 

You’ve got to see it for yourself. And, if you’re not as excited as my sister and I, as well as the countless women who’ve written glowing reviews, send back your tube within 60 days for a full refund less S&H! 

All This, Plus A Fab Gift! 

Your 60-Second Eye Effects Firming Gel comes with a super special gift Glow Effects 24K Gold Body Glow Stick – a $40 value

With just a twist of the base, you can highlight and illuminate everything from your cheekbones down to your collarbone, shoulders, decollete, arms and legs. Fragrance free and hydrating, too! 

I adore the Body Glow Stick. It glides over my skin and gives it a subtle and pretty glimmer. I carry it in my bag so it’s at my fingertips when I want a quick pick me up.

…And Even More  

If you want to give your eyes – and lips – even more zing, the Westmore Flawless Eye & Lip Collection will bring you 60-Second Eye Effects plus these three phenomenal products.

I apply the Gold Lip Treatment Oil on top of my fave lip color for a high shine

Lash Drama Bold & Beautiful Mascara makes your lashes look dramatically longer and more voluminous by coating it with a revolutionary new texture in an intense black pigment.  

On-The-Go Lasting Effects Brow Gel creates perfectly defined, natural-looking brows with an exclusive blend of specially treated pigments and hair-like fibers. A unique two-sided brow brush helps you shape, soften and smooth the brows. 

They’ll stay full and fab all through the day and night! 

Beauty Starlit 24K Gold Lip Treatment Oil leaves your lips glowing, shining and voluptuous by infusing them with ultra-moisturizing and smoothing Jojoba and Argan oils, plus Vitamins E and C. I use it alone or apply it on top of my fave lip color for a glam high shine. 

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