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I am a 46 years of age and have been diagnosed with relapsing remitting Multiple Sclerosis for about 2 years. I desire to have a tummy tuck but not sure about risks. Should I proceed with surgery or not? What are the risks?

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I am 66 and considering Botox for the folds my cheek below the nose area. I have heard of lifetime lift. How long does this last? Cost of it.

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Melissa B. Tubbs

It is a privilege for me to create a pen-and-ink drawing of a special time or place for you; to provide a lifelong memory that gives you a warm feeling and a smile each and every time you look at it.

Celebrate your home with a work of art honoring not just bricks and mortar, but a place where lives are knit together and memories are made. My elegant and strong drawings capture the essence of every day and make it extraordinary.

Children’s Body Language Portraits capture your children doing something that will always remind you of them. Perhaps it’s the way your son holds his head or your daughter cuddling with your dog.

Speaking of loving furry friends, I create drawings that captures your pet’s personality like no snapshot can do.

Your home, your children and your pet are in the details. It’s the details that make the difference in my drawings.

Dawn Dyar

I am an Independent Sales Representative for Avon, a Unit Leader +, a 2013 Makeup Maven, Skin Care Consultant, and a member of the President’s Club. I wear many hats as a woman of 59, and the older I get, the more that fit. There is a lot to be said about being older and wiser, especially when it comes to beauty and skin care. My passion is to help other women, not only with their skin care and makeup needs, but by showing them how to earn additional income by coming into the Avon business. I believe we all need a passion in life to keep us moving forward, and this is mine. If you haven’t seen what Avon has to offer today, check out my website and please contact me with any questions.

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