Mother Your Favorite Lady With Tender Loving {Skin} Care

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Like most Moms, mine was brimming with advice about practically everything. While quite a bit of it went in one ear and out the other, I follow one of her recommendations to this day: Never use soap to wash your face!

               Me and Mom

Mom used only water to cleanse her facial skin, definitively announcing that the soap we used for showering was bad for her face. I have no idea how she knew this, but she was right!

The scents and dyes in most bar soaps can irritate the sensitive skin on your face and leave your skin red, itchy, or blotchy. Most traditional soaps also can be drying because they lack moisturizing ingredients and strip the skin of essential oils.

Mom would be thrilled to see the plethora of skin formulas today that would not only cleanse her face – but treat her whole body – with the tender loving care they deserve.

And I’d buy her Crépe Erase® Advanced for Mother’s Day, a present that would give her skin visibly smoothness, firmness, beautiful tone, and a glow the likes of which she couldn’t have imagined.

Whether you present it to your mom or to any other wonderful woman in your life, she’ll say thank you every day of the year.

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The five-piece Deluxe Kit also treats our skin above the chin!

The hero ingredient powering Crépe Erase® Advanced is TruFirm® Complex, an exclusive blend that includes three plant extracts to help reinforce our skin’s netting. This helps make saggy skin appear tighter and firmer, and look more like it did when we were younger. Crépe Erase® Advanced also contains 9 Super Hydrators, including coconut oil, cocoa butter, olive oil, squalane, grapeseed oil, Vitamin E and a trio of glycerides to deliver 48 hours of intense hydration to dry, crepey skin. Quick absorbing without leaving a greasy residue, the light and airy moisture-rich formula works to visibly soothe and renew the skin.

Before stepping into the shower, mom could massage the luxurious and rejuvenating Advanced Refining Facial Scrub with TruFirm® over her whole face, down to her neck.  It would gently remove rough, dead skin cells to give her softer, smoother, firmer, and brighter skin. Paraben free, too!

In the shower, she’d grab her bottle of silky Body Smoothing Pre-Treatment with TruFirm® and gentle exfoliators to lift away dead, rough surface cells and make her skin look smoother and more radiant. The lovely, fresh scent is a bonus! (By the way, avoid long, hot showers because they’ll dry your skin even more!)

After showering, mom would massage the Advanced Body Repair Treatment with TruFirm® into the crepey skin around her neck, chest, arms, and legs. Just like its name says, this lightly whipped formula would restore firmer, healthier-looking skin all over her body. Absorbs quickly and isn’t one bit greasy.

Even after a late night, she could count on her Flaw-Fix™ Eye Cream to instantly reduce the appearance of puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles. It absorbs quickly and can be used at night and in the morning. Great as a hydrating mask, too.

And mom surely wouldn’t leave home without applying Advanced Restorative Facial Treatment, a deluxe, ultra-hydrating formula with TruFirm® and a blend of moisturizing oils. Along with its sister products, its plumps, smoothes and firms, and diminishes the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

This Mother’s Day make Crépe Erase® part of your favorite lady’s daily spring beauty routine for gorgeous results.


After 1 use

100% of women agreed their skin felt instantly more youthful*

After 1 use

80% of women saw an instant reduction in the look of crepey skin on the body**

After 4 weeks

86% of women saw a visible improvement in skin tone**

After 8 weeks

100% of women saw a lifted appearance of skin on the body**

*Based on 8-week user perception study for Crépe Erase® Advanced

**Based on results of an evaluation by expert clinical grader measuring décolleté, knees & arms

Crépe Erase® is so confident mom will love its products, she can use them for 60 days, and, if she’s not satisfied, she can return the tubes–EVEN EMPTY–for a full refund, less S&H! This offer tells you that these are quality beauty products. Plus, the line is incredibly reasonable in the first place!


There’s more. Order the 5-piece Deluxe Kit and mom will receive a free gift of 4-in-1 Eye Renewal Capsules. They’re packed with intense, concentrated moisturizers for an eye-opening experience. A $38 value.

 and save 25% on Crépe Erase® Advanced Kit + get a FREE GIFT + FREE SHIPPING today!

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