I Couldn’t Believe What Happened When I Stopped Taking This Supplement!

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At first I wasn’t worried when I started feeling lethargic a few months ago. Although I’m usually filled with great energy, an occasional off day usually means I should slow down and relax. But, this sluggish feeling just wouldn’t go away, and I became anxious. We know our bodies best, so when something doesn’t feel right, it may be time to see a doctor.

Then I had an aha moment: As I’ve aged my signature boundless energy had been steadily ebbing, until I began taking a daily supplement two years ago that promised to rejuvenate the energy production in my cells.  Could this blah feeling have returned because I’d stopped taking it?  I have a stash of the vitamin in my cellar, but hadn’t gone down the two flights for a new bottle after I ran out of my supply in the kitchen drawer.  I’m not a big fan of the cellar!

So off I went to get a couple of bottles and immediately took two capsules. Here’s the exciting news:  Within a few days, my energy had returned full force. I swear. And it hasn’t left me since because I won’t ever again let a day pass without popping the vitamin into my mouth.  While many claims in the booming nutritional supplement market seem downright absurd, I am living proof that this supplement, called TRU NIAGEN, actually can reduce the effects of aging on our cells, starting with decreased energy.  

When I first heard about Tru Niagen a few years ago, I  wanted to learn more, so I arranged for an interview with Dr. Charles Brenner, the Stanford-educated PhD behind the discovery, and asked him to explain it in non-scientific terms. If a highly educated scientist hoped to teach me anything, he had to make it simple. Biology was my worst subject in high school!

Discovering The Pathway To Cell Longevity

In a nutshell, Dr. Brenner uncovered the pathway between a molecule called nicotinamide riboside (NR), and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD), which he argues is the single most important molecule in every single cell of our bodies. “We all absolutely need NAD,” Dr. Brenner said emphatically. “NR is a form of vitamin B3 that helps our cells to produce NAD. NAD performs a number of critical functions: It enables our cells to convert the fats, proteins and carbohydrates we eat into the energy we need to stay in top shape. It also activates sirtuin genes, which regulate cellular aging and the chemical and biological processes that help us maintain healthy and fit lives.,” Dr. Brenner told me.

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Unfortunately, our level of NAD substantially declines as our bodies slow down with age. Aging is the biggest risk factor for many of the diseases that kill us. Doing cardio and weight-bearing exercises all week, consuming a diet of nutritious whole foods, getting adequate sleep, and staying away from smoking and drinking are all important. “But cells damaged by the inevitable stresses of life, such as aging, look for ways to replenish their NAD, which helps keep them running smoothly. If we take an NR supplement, we provide our bodies with a proven source of NAD.”

A Science-Backed Brand With Integrity

There’s more good news: Dr. Brenner is the Chief Scientific Advisor behind TRU NIAGEN®, the only NR supplement directly from ChromaDex, the worldwide patent-holder and innovator behind it. When you take TRU NIAGEN, you’re getting the real benefits of Dr. Brenner’s important discovery, without the side effects of some other supplements.

TRU NIAGEN® makes me feel wonderful— from overall feelings of well-being to consistent energy. I’ll never again postpone a trip to my cellar when I run out. Continued use of Tru Niagen sustainably elevates NAD levels, supporting my desire to age the best I can!

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