We Can Finally Afford Personal Training When We Need It Most!

Keeping sane is going to take all our wits during these trying times. Keeping fit may be nearly impossible, what with gyms closed and our limited ability to take vigorous walks. Then there’s our proximity to the kitchen during our self-imposed (and crucial) quarantine. We can be super disciplined and start a daily exercise program, but that’s hard enough when life is relatively normal.

What if I said you could have a certified personal trainer – right at home – who would create a customized exercise program for you. Guide and motivate you. And, you could work out on your own time, for a fraction of the cost of a membership at even a moderately priced gym.

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That’s just what I’m doing, thanks to Ladder, a brilliant new app created by fitness and tech experts.  And so can you. Ladder gives us real-time virtual access to personal trainers at a super affordable price. And, it gives trainers the chance to grow their businesses when they’ve lost access to the gyms where they work. “We wanted to offer a convenient solution to reversing unhealthy habits,” said Randi Stock,  a Ladder spokeswoman. And, it’s certainly easy to ignore healthy habits during this trying time in all our lives.


It’s simple and quick to be matched with your perfect coach, receive your personalized program and get started.   


Answer eight questions about your personality and fitness, such as Would you rather do something new, something familiar or both? and How would you describe your general health? 


You’ll get a message from your new coach right on the Ladder app, where you get to know each other. My coach, Bobby, asked me about my experience with exercising, my goals, how many days during the week I’d like to dedicate to working out, my diet, injuries, physical limitations and access to exercise equipment.   

                       the body weight squat

Learning that I try to stay away from carbs because I can’t help binging on them, Bobby responded, “Most of the internet tends to make carbs out as ‘evil,’ when they actually can be really good sources of disposable energy!  To lose weight, it all depends on putting out more calories than we take in. Those calories can be carbs, fats, or protein, but at the end of the day it’s calories that matter.” Bobby then asked if I’d be open to recording my meals, which would help me be more conscious about my diet. I said I would. 

By the way, even if you don’t have a single piece of apparatus, your coach will design your custom at-home workout based on your comfort level and whether you want help building strength, increasing mobility or just staying active and healthy. He or she also will make sure the program works with any past injuries or existing health conditions.



Your coach will send your workout routine to your iPhone or iPad through the Ladder app, which is formatted beautifully.  Each exercise is slowly and clearly demonstrated on a short (20 seconds max) how-to video, which is accompanied by a concise written description. Your custom routine is created from Ladder’s extensive library of exclusive videos. When you’ve completed each workout, you send your coach a notification so she can see what you’re accomplishing. 

Based on my two weeks of experience, it works best to watch a video, try the exercise, then read the description.  After repeatedly doing the exercises you won’t need the videos or descriptions, but it’s still smart to watch precisely how they’re done once in a while. They’re great reference tools to look at as you go through your workout.

If you’re still not sure how to do an exercise, you can text your coach right on the app, which I did a number of times when I  was starting out. I also sent Bobby short videos of me performing a couple of exercises so he could critique my form.

Bobby is one of about 150 expert trainers across the country who are perfect fits for the Ladder platform. But it doesn’t matter where they’re located since you’ll be working out virtually. What matters is that you’ll be getting a progressive program that really works for you.  That’s worlds better than self-prescribing exercises you think you might need right off of the internet but won’t necessarily help you achieve your goals. 

What’s more, a real person will push and cheer you on so you get and stay motivated. Your Apple watch or a YouTube video can’t offer the crucial human element. And, as you give your trainer feedback, your program will become more and more customized for your level of expertise. “The more feedback you provide, the better your experience will be,” Randi stressed

            one of the exclusive videos from the Ladder library

Feeling pretty sore after I started exercising, for example, I asked Bobby if I should work through it. He suggested a  mobility routine which wouldn’t be overly strenuous but would keep me active and alleviate some of the soreness. It worked! 

“You develop a relationship with your coach, who is invested in your success right along with you. Ladder creates a system of accountability between the two of you,” Randi stressed.  

Bobby and I have established a pretty good daily communication system since we started working together a couple of weeks ago.  We often message in real time. Ladder encourages all trainers to get back to clients within a few hours. 

“Fitness is critical for longevity, especially as you age and your body’s performance starts to  decrease before you even turn 50,” Bobby said. “It’s especially important during this stressful time to keep your body moving and give it exactly what it needs! Ladder lets me customize  workout sessions for every individual and coach them on habits, nutrition, and more through the app! I love tailoring my clients’ routined to their lifestyles and to discover how they can fine-tune their health from all angles!”

I know the exercises are working because my muscles – which were extraordinarily tight  – are now limber. And, the routines are becoming easier. Once I master the round of current workouts, Bobby will send me a new one!  Recording my meals has also helped me stay on the right track.  (Psst: I’m afraid to cheat because I don’t want to tell Bobby, and I’m a bad liar, so I guess being accountable and building up good daily habits are good things.) 



(After that, the cost is phenomenal, as in super reasonable).