Hear Clearly Again Without Spending A King’s Ransom!

“I couldn’t fake it anymore. It was getting harder and harder to follow my friend’s conversations in noisy restaurants, and I’d constantly ask my husband to repeat dialogue when we watched our favorite shows,” Sharon said.

If you’re part of the Boomer generation, like Sharon, that grooved to loud music in the 60s and 70s, chances are that your hearing isn’t what it used to be. Fortunately, you can hear clearly again, without having to spend a king’s ransom, now that one company has figured out how to bring women a sophisticated, petite and stylish hearing aid for price of prescription eyeglasses.

But beware of countless brands who are marketing nothing more than sound amplifiers, which are designed for those with normal hearing who want to boost sounds at certain times, say in a noisy restaurant. Amplifiers simply make all sounds louder, while a hearing aid can differentiate between sounds and amplify them based on the characteristics of the sound. Hearing aids also are custom programmed to make speech easier to hear and decipher, and they’re fitted to your ear so they feel comfortable.  Amplifiers don’t offer any of these benefits.

In a nutshell, amplifiers are not substitutes for hearing aids.

The EVA-lution!

EVA by ihear are appealingly small and absolutely first-rate hearing aids made exclusively for women, who lose more hearing in the lower and mid frequencies than men. They’re a fraction of the cost of other premium devices–only $399 each–because the average person with typical hearing loss patterns can buy them directly online from iHear. EVA comes with an assortment of standard and vented tips in various sizes, so you can could choose those that fit most comfortably in your ears.  And, they’re adjustable, so you can turn them down or up.  

Before buying EVA, you can accurately profile your hearing ability, in the comfort of your home, with iHear’s nifty little test kit that you order online. It’s the first and only FDA-approved home hearing screener on the market, because the earphones are calibrated for precise testing.  Once you receive your kit in the mail, all you’ll need is your computer with an Internet connection. It’s easy to download the software and do the test online. It takes about 3 minutes.

If you’d prefer to get your hearing tested at a place like Costco, for example, iHear will pre-program your hearing aids based on your audiogram.  Besides its ability to be adjusted to your distinct hearing needs, EVA is built with the finest speaker low-noise microphone, and sound-processing technology. So if you walk into a loud environment wearing EVA, the hearing aid will automatically suppress the loudness and make it comfortable. Or, when it’s really quiet and there’s a whisper, it will amplify the whisper.

Support You Can Count On

The $69 iHear test kit is free with the purchase of EVA hearing aids. And, you can ask for EVA to be pre-programmed for free. iHear offers 30 days of free and unlimited professional support from an audiologist, as well as unlimited technical support support.  Make sure to enter code FAB10 at checkout for 10% off the purchase of EVA.

to join the EVA-lution and to give yourself the wonderful gift of sound. Enter code FAB10 at checkout for 10% off the purchase of EVA.

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