Win A $1000 Fall Wardrobe from A Design Star

When you’re wearing clothes designed byMarlaWynne, your friends will wonder if you snuck off to Paris for a shopping spree. “The Mother of Reinvention,” Marla Wynne was an over 50, out-of-work Hollywood producer who relied on her passion, drive and a new sewing machine (not to mention a need to feed herself and her kids) … Continued


{Sponsored Giveaway} StemLife Beauty Bundle

Stem Cell Beauty is giving away a beauty bundle from its StemLife line of rejuvenating products, valued at $389! All of these products incorporate StemLife’s patent-pending FixT Technology©, using a proprietary blend of molecules from human stem cells to “enhance your body’s natural healing powers” and give you a radiant glow. The lucky winner will … Continued


How To Rewire Your Mind

How many times have we heard or read this advice from someone who is ill: “Stop and smell the roses,” tell our loved ones how much we care, appreciate every single day, no matter how much it tests your mental endurance? No doubt, we’ve all heard it many times. Yet, how many of us really … Continued


Don’t Swallow Another Supplement Until You’ve Read This! [Sponsored Post]

Women can be funny creatures. Fanatic as we may be about staying in shape, by exercising and eating intelligently, we often skip entire meals because we’re A) just too busy, B) not hungry or C) hungry, but figure it just doesn’t hurt to skip a meal now and again. Oh, but it does. It really … Continued


The Top Hair Concerns Of FOF Women

You might be surprised to learn the top 7 hair concerns of 635 FOFs, which they revealed in a recent study we conducted. After you read the countdown, make sure to let us know in the comments section about YOUR number one hair concern. The more knowledge manufacturers have about our needs, the more they … Continued


Meet My New 90-Year-Old “Boyfriend!”

Meet my new 90-year-old “boyfriend!” While I was enjoying a pedicure yesterday, a preppy, handsome older man was led to the chair at the other end of the row. Slight, and no more than 5’6″, he had gray-silver hair and was somewhat balding. He was wearing loafers, a polo shirt, and khakis. “Bet I’m the … Continued


Top 11 Things Women Over 50 Fear Most

“He who is not everyday conquering some fear has not learned the secret of life,” said Ralph Waldo Emerson. We couldn’t have said it any better, exceptwe’d change he to SHE. 1. Belly fat 2. Struggling kids 3. No retirement funds 4. A life-changing illness 5. Losing hair 6. Divorce 7. Unnatural plastic surgery 8. … Continued


The 11 Types of FOFs: Which One Are You?

We’d like to think we’re multi-dimensional and multi-talented multitaskers, but one of our many attributes usually stands out, way above the rest. It’s the one that often defines us, even if we’d prefer not to be pigeonholed. When others think about you, what image do you suppose they conjure up? 1. The Domestic Goddess You … Continued