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Debbi Houston asks:
I'm considering a boob lift. Would I lose volume (cup size).

On: 04/11/2013 10:47 am

To doctors from: North Carolina

Category: Breasts


DrCharlesWallace on 04/19/2013 04:59 pm wrote:
With a breast lift, no volume is lost, but think of it as redesigning your breasts to lift and give you back the youthful appearance you desire. In a majority of my patients who want to go up in cup size, we can use a modest implant with minimal scarring on the breast. Also, in the majority of my patients, I do not use the, "anchor" or "keyhole" incision by eliminating the vertical scar.
DrRobertaGartside on 04/19/2013 04:49 pm wrote:
I agree, with a breast lift there is no removal of breast tissue, therefore the volume of the breast is the same. For some women, a lift alone my not reach their goal of the fuller and lift breast. In that case, volume is generally added in the form of a breast implant. Fat grafting where fat is suctioned from another area, primarily the abdomen, and transferrd to the breast to enhance the size and shape.
DrJeffreyDitesheim on 04/11/2013 02:59 pm wrote:
Question: I am considering a BREAST LIFT, will I lose volume?
The answer is NO. But this is probably why you are asking: When the breasts are lifted, think "tailoring", the breast volume and covering skin are more in balance, giving a better shape. But if you started with a "C cup" volume, but were wearing a D bra, it is possible that after the breast lift you will wear a C cup, but it will fit better and you will look perkier. So no breast volume is lost, but your cup size may change.
Now, here is something else to consider: You can have a lift in many different ways. Having an implant ( breast augmentation) can "lift" the breast. An exciting new technique to "lift" the breast is to use your own tissue ( we don't like to use the word "fat"; I think because it is a three-letter word!). Anyway, I can remove extra fatty tissue from one area ( like the tummy roll, muffin top or thighs) and then with a new technique called AQUASHAPE ( a water-lipo technique), the fat can be reinjected to restore lost breast volume. That is what we call the "natural lift". The last option is to "tailor the breast skin". Think: seamstress! The secret is that each option can produce great results; knowing what's the best for you is what going to see the plastic surgeon should be about.
That's a lot, so if this helps great! If you have more questions, write back. Dr. Ditesheim