pryncessangelica SAID:

I’m considering a boob lift. Would I lose volume (cup size).

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  1. Dr. Brooke Seckel wrote on :

    The standard breast lift, called mastopexy, removes only skin and does not remove breast tissue. The volume of your breast should be nearly the same after breast lift, and the shape and position of your breasts should be improved.

    However most patients who have a breast lift also have a small implant placed to provide fullness of the upper pole, the portion of your breast above your nipple areola. This is because even after the lift the breast tissue itself can be soft and jiggly and most patients want a firmer breast look.

  2. Dr. Charles Wallace wrote on :

    With a breast lift, no volume is lost, but think of it as redesigning your breasts to lift and give you back the youthful appearance you desire. In a majority of my patients who want to go up in cup size, we can use a modest implant with minimal scarring on the breast. Also, in the majority of my patients, I do not use the, “anchor” or “keyhole” incision by eliminating the vertical scar.

  3. Dr. Roberta Gartside wrote on :

    I agree, with a breast lift there is no removal of breast tissue, therefore the volume of the breast is the same. For some women, a lift alone my not reach their goal of the fuller and lift breast. In that case, volume is generally added in the form of a breast implant. Fat grafting where fat is suctioned from another area, primarily the abdomen, and transferrd to the breast to enhance the size and shape.

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