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After loosing weight with lap-band, I have lots of excess fat hanging from under arms, thighs and stomach. Is there something that could be done for that?

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Are their non-surgical options to tighten loose necks? I don’t have a turkey neck, but my neck definitely looks older than my face. Are there new lasers that are reliable? Thanks.

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Wondering if you do phalloplasty and/or any insurance cover that?

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How do you find a plastic surgeon willing to accept Medicare and Medicaid for a breast reduction? I am in so much pain in my neck I can’t take it anymore.

Lee Gaitan

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What is the price of a breast lift?

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I want optimal results that leaves natural looking “un-frozen” face. Will neck /lower face lift meet this objective? Thank you, BH

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Hi… I am 53, 5’3″, and 109lbs. I work out regularly and am toned, including my abdomen. However, my lower abdomen has loose skin that looks much worse when I lean forward. I have the same condition just above my knees… this is not from a weight loss – I have been this approximate weight my whole adult life. Is there a treatment that would effectively deal with this loose, wrinkled skin?

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I’m considering having plastic surgery on my breasts. Will I still be able to breastfeed?

Cynthia Green

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