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I am trying to determine how much it would cost for me to get my body to a point where I can maintain it. My all-in goal is to drop 30 lbs, primarily focused on core. I have been able to reduce the size of my thighs and arms. But my core will not release the fat. I am currently 5’10 and 206 lbs. How much on average could be reduced from a one time reduction on the love handles?

Joelle Lynn

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Any recourse after surgeon removed too much of my areola without telling me he would do so? I had the perfect size and shape areola and never was it mentioned that he would cut them to half their size. I was shocked after the bandages were removed that they were half the previous size, with the right one being smaller and not very circular or symmetrical. Nothing during my appts, or his after pics on website would have caused me to question him on this before surgery. Was I supposed to know he would do it? He was very insensitive and said they will not expand, get used to the size, it’s the standard everyone wants small areola. I am devastated to say the least, can it be fixed or do I just have to deal wih it?

Marcia Miller

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Shannon Barnard

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Dottie Lore

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Is there a safe procedure or is there a procedure to increase the size of a persons penis? If so where can I find a plastic surgeon for the procedure?