Karen Prante

“A Second Me” focuses on lifestyle management for those who have more to do than time will allow. If you want to outsource your chores or simplify life, whether you’re a mom, busy professional, care taker, or retired, call on us to free up your time so you can do what’s important. Our motto: “Copy Yourself and Get Stuff Done.” We work with clients throughout Northern Virginia.

Linda Montavon

Customize Avon to fit you and your needs. If you’d like additional income or want to save money on your own products, the Avon Opportunity is perfect for you. Starting your own Avon business is easy. Click http://yes.avonrepresentative.com/opportunity/start.  Make a modest $15 investment and you get two full-size products free with your start-up materials. Or shop instead. Avon products are high quality, affordable, deliver the benefits promised, and are backed with a satisfaction guarantee. We offer exciting, on-trend gifts and fashions, and awesome products for all ages.

Sophia Parker

Fannypants’ activewear products are constructed with our state-of-the-art technologies, including textiles that wick, absorb moisture and control odor. Our garments are eco-friendly, fashionable, practical and made in the United States. Fannypants’ attention to details guarantees your pants stay “UP” where they should. Our tops have longer backs so they stay in place while you’re practicing any yoga pose. Let us be your best workout companion!


New PS Question on 11/14/2014 from Julie S

Ive got a very bad deviated septum on the left side and a hole in the cartilage between my nostrils, over the years it has become very bad and hard to breath, if I didn’t have the hole in my nostril I wouldn’t be able to breath at all.. Im having a hard time finding a doctor to operate and fix my problem Ive been to severeal ENTs but they say its a complicated case and they refer me out and it ends up being to a doctor that doesnt take my insurance. I have tried finding a general surgeon in hopes they willhelpme but so far no luck. Is there anything you can do to help me. my nose in collapesing everyday and I dont even want to leave the house at times. PLEASE let me know ok? thanks so very much,
Julie Sillex

Cathy Williams

Mental, emotional and spiritual healing. CCW Counseling is committed to offering personalized professional treatment services via the Internet and telephone in a secure environment. CCW Counseling services are affordable, convenient, secure, confidential and encouraging. All counseling services are available 7 days a week, 24-hours a day.

Areas of specialty Include: Depression & Anxiety; Grief & Loss Issues; Self-Esteem & Guilt Issues; Relationship Issues.

Sophia Parker

Fannypants offers incontinence and LBL products which allow women to enjoy day-to-day activities, travel, work and exercise with freedom and ease. Our products are eco-friendly, fashionable, practical and economical. The Smartwear Panty is an active wear essential that every woman can trust and rely on.

Lynn Jacobsen

I wanted to share an awesome product that I love so much, I became an Independent Presenter for the company, called Younique. I am reaching out to all you over 50 Fabulashes out there to tell you about its two-step, 3D fiber mascara for $29, which brings your lashes back to what they looked like in your 20’s. It comes with a 14-day love it or return it policy.

Take a peek at the webpage and email me with any questions. Want to host a party, win win, get Ycash and credit towards product?  You can do it all through social media, and stay in your jammies if you wish!