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I had gastric surgery 5 yrs ago and thought I would lose 100 but I didn’t-I only lost 40 from my 262 that I weighed
I have yet to get rid of my belly fat-midrift bulge or thighs-I need help and have all kinds of tests but nothing seems to work
I am 58 yrs

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I have four hernia repairs and my stomach is rather large. How can I get help to get a tummy tuck? My belly hangs down on my pubic area and it gets chapped and it burns really bad. Will insurance pay for it if it’s medically needed?

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I’m 18 and I have an uneven breast. One is about a Large B-C cup and the other is possibly an 40DDD. I’m not sure how it happened I started noticing this odd development when I was about 13. I’m not sure who I could fix it. I would like to keep wearing size 40DDD bras but if I were to get implants would I have to work on both and go bigger? Also would they look different?

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I need a breast lift and replacement of my 12 year old implants. My doctor wants to do a Bellini instead of a lollipop lift but I have heard that the Bellini will not lift the breast (which need to be lifted a lot, they are almost on my waist without a bra), and I will be left with a flat top tear drop effect even if I use I profile implants. I do not care about a scar line, I have many from my other surgeries due to a GBP in 1998 and over the years removal of excess skin.

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Hi.. I am a 36yr old mother of 3..I have had two c-sections and other pregnancies that I’ve mis-carried, a couple of them went into the 2nd tri mester…I had to have a hysterectomy in 2010..I have gained over 100lbs..which puts me at 235 5’5. I have dieted and exercised but never able to lose more than about 20lbs… My stomach is my biggest issue..I am constantly experiencing lower back pain and upper shoulder area neck pain. I guess my question is…Is it safe, affordable, wise to try to get some kind of belly fat removal? It’s getting harder and harder to exercise due to the levels of pain I’m dealing with…

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I have been told that the best treatment for my wrinkles would be laser resurfacing. I have seen the before and after photo’s of women who have had the procedure. However I am a little scared by the photo’s of the day after treatment. and the pain involved. Can you tell me if there is any advancement in this procedure, and how long the downtime actually is? Is it true that you can not be exposed to the outside for 1 month following the procedure? I am 60 yrs old and definetly need to do something. But this was recommended instead of a mini face lift. Thank you

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I am 51 yrs old and am interested in blepharoplasty. How much does it cost and will insurance pay any portion of this?

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Linda Wallace-Blau

Soulevant is an online retailer featuring nightgowns and chemises with a unique, soft, comfortable built-in bra with no underwire, but with real support. Our products are designed to wear around the house, not just in the bedroom; and our printed chemises can double as resort wear, too.

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Valerie Konur

Fab & Fit  supports women’s fitness goals, while offering active wear that takes our clients from “their work-out to the world” looking fabulous. Our tagline, “Sweat in Style,” captures the essence of the company’s focus. We provide comfortable, trendy, and affordable fitness fashions that support exercising, daily activities, and healthy lifestyles.  Our collection is made in the USA.

Among our services: Personal shopping by appointment; Fab & Fit trunk shows, and Hostess Rewards programs. Fab & Fit boutique shopping events always motivate women to achieve health, wellness, fitness and active lifestyles.

Jacquie Whitt

I am co-founder of Adios Adventure Travel. We organize trips to Machu Picchu, Inca Trail, Amazon jungle, Lake Titicaca and Galapagos Islands.

Who: families, organizations, girlfriend getaways
When: year round
What’s special about our trips: We focus on needs & interests of each group before setting up itinerary. We help you prepare for your trip. We have established relationships with reliable & friendly providers in Peru, Ecuador & Bolivia. We are one big family!
What is the cost: Varies from budget-friendly to luxury. We accept all CC in our US office.
What’s included? Everything but international flights, meals, tips & insurance.
We can help you find and book international flights, if needed. And we are experts at combining several destinations in one trip if, for example, you want to visit Machu Picchu & Amazon jungle.

Adios Adventure Travel satisfies the yearning for authentic, life-changing travel experiences.

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