I need a breast lift and replacement of my 12 year old implants. My doctor wants to do a Bellini instead of a lollipop lift but I have heard that the Bellini will not lift the breast (which need to be lifted a lot, they are almost on my waist without a bra), and I will be left with a flat top tear drop effect even if I use I profile implants. I do not care about a scar line, I have many from my other surgeries due to a GBP in 1998 and over the years removal of excess skin.

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  1. Dr. Brian Buinewicz wrote on :

    Good question – the procedure is a “Benelli mastopexy”, not Bellini mastopexy”. I agree with all the other recommendations, especially seeing a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. When you start to hear good doctors giving you the same advice, then you know you are getting GOOD advice.

  2. Dr. Rondi Walker wrote on :

    Thank you for your question. As the other doctors here have indicated, the Bellini (doughnut) mastopexy does not lift the nipple as much as the standard mastopexy. If you have excess skin and a nipple that sits low on your breast mound, it is better that you have a standard mastopexy performed with or without breast implants. I would be delighted to see you in consultation. My office is located in Washington, DC. Whichever doctor you choose to go with, make sure to choose a board certified plastic surgeon. Good luck with your surgical procedure!

  3. Dr. Roberta Gartside wrote on :

    I agree with the comments already made. The Bellini or donut mastopexy is for minor skin tightening in situations were one does not wish additional scars on the breast. If can also have the effect of making the areola or pigmented area around the nipple extremely wide as compared to the size of the breast. For an individual with the amount of sagging you describe and having last considerable weight, your skin is not likely to afford you a significant lift with only a small amount of skin excision unless your implants will be exchanged a much larger size.

  4. Dr. Janet Woodyard wrote on :

    If you need a significant amount of lifting, you will require an inverted “T” incision or lollipop type of incision. A Benelli incision is for minor tightening or a small elevation of the nipple complex. Best of luck.

  5. DrGregoryLynam wrote on :

    The circle or donut lift attributed to Dr Benelli is an overused operation which in many cases leads to a poor result. If you need a lift which it sounds like you do then a proper vertical or inverted T lift is the way to go. Good Luck!

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