Gifts For The Great Gals In Your Life (Including You!)

A glorious selection of gifts, created by and brought to you from a group of the most spectacular women on the planet.

1.  Scrumptiously scented and sugary. Scrubs by Two Good Scents.
2.  They play; you rest. Heavenly hand-crafted toys from Bella Luna Toys.
3.  Soothing sweet light. Beeswax candles from Soap for Goodness Sake.
4.  Sculpted looks. Mineral clay mask by Sula NYC.
5.  Slip into something sensual. Silk robes by Stevie Howell.

1.  Dancing on the ears. Drop-dead gorgeous pearl drops by Zee Jewelry.
2.  Kissing the neck. A doozy of a Druzy by Only One Jewelry.
3.  Running circles around the shoulders. Cascade of cashmere by Stevie Howell.
4.  Tempting the tongue. Double blind wine-tasting set from Off The Vine.
5.  Giving a helping hand. Big beautiful brown bag by Kámen Road.

1.  A drawing of your home, for your home. Art by Melissa B. Tubbs.
2.  Natural beauties. Oils by Linda McCoy.
3.  Singular scarves. Felted fashion art by DBK Design.
4.  Heavenly jewelry. New and vintage pieces from Cherished Saints.
5.  Body art. Exquisite jewelry from Bess Heitner Jewelry.
6.  Custom home decor. Rustic chic handcrafted pieces from Rustic Artistry.

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