Exercise Your Options!

Do this {really} good deed for the entrepreneurial women in your life, and you could win a
{really rad} $2,095 electric bike, for yourself
or for someone you love.

First, the bike:

The Pedego 26” Step-Thru Cruiser, in red with red rims, combines comfort, ease, and style for a dashing alternative to a car or traditional bicycle. Its long-life lithium battery lasts for rides up to 20 miles, with no pedaling, but the Cruiser does also operate as a regular bike. You’ll simply twist the throttle while you’re pedaling, to start or stop the quiet motor. All your friends will want one for themselves when they see you cruising smoothly down the road.

And think of the exercise you can get!

Now, three easy-peasy steps:

STEP 1:  Add your email in the form below for a chance to win the bike.

STEP 2:  Add the names of up to 5 entrepreneurial women you know.

STEP 3:  Send the email we’ve composed (see bottom of this post) to your friends in STEP 2.

Your chances to win the bike increase every time one of the women you recommend submits a gratis profile on her business to the new FEM section (Female Entrepreneurs’ Marketplace) on FabOverFifty.

You’re almost done!
(The page will refresh after you submit this form.)

Here’s the email for
you to send

to the entrepreneurial women in your life

We recommend that your personalize the email with the names of the entrepreneurs, and sign it.

Dear [write in the name of your entrepreneurial friend],

FabOverFifty, the only lifestyle website exclusively devoted to women 45+, wants to help as many entrepreneurs as it can, by giving them free profiles in its new FEM (Female Entrepreneurs’ Marketplace). I thought this would be a great opportunity for your business to be featured.

Here’s the deal: Just click here, and submit a short profile for your business, and send a photo or two. This will link to your website. That’s all there is to it!

Please remember to mention that I recommended you, when you submit your profile!

Sign up now. It’s really a “no brainer.”

[Your name goes here]

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  2. Sacha Schroeder says:

    Done! I sent it out. Thank you!

    • Geri Brin says:

      Hi Sacha,

      That’s great. Thanks for your follow up. Geri


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