Don’t Let Its Advertising Fool You

New York – Dr. William Rosenblatt turns cynical when he talks about the “Lifestyle Lift,” more cynical than usual.  After practicing plastic surgery in New York City for decades, he thinks the field has taken a decidedly “scuzzy” direction now that dermatologists are performing liposuctions; gynecologists are performing tummy tucks and general surgeons are doing breast augmentations.  He is especially skeptical of the methods used by the company that has catapulted “Lifestyle Lift” into the public consciousness. “Patients have told me that you meet with someone on the staff when you visit their offices. The doctor doesn’t appear until the day of the surgery. You give them a credit card with a down payment and if you decide to cancel your appointment, you lose the deposit,” Dr. Rosenblatt related.

Anyone considering facelift surgery must consult with the doctor who will perform the surgery, in order to cover concerns and the recommended a treatment plan.  No one but a surgeon should recommend the course of treatment, Dr. Rosenblatt emphasizes.

The “Lifestyle Lift” procedure costs about $5,000 and the doctors get $1,000. Many of these are doctors who don’t have thriving practices, Dr. Rosenblatt says. He also says the pseudo facelift would never be effective “with a neck like yours,” referring to the lose skin I love so much. Funny, I wasn’t insulted and he wasn’t trying to insult me. He was trying to make a point, in a pointed way.  I got the point.

Dr. Rosenblatt sent me a magazine article from one of the medical trade publications, which talks about misleading LSL advertising, inadequate follow-up care, and sales pressure. The company promotes a one-hour procedure, for instance, but shows examples of procedures that take longer. It also shows examples of procedures performed by doctors who are no longer working with the company. Sometimes, a patient can’t even reach the surgeon after the surgery is performed. One LSL surgeon, who didn’t have hospital privileges, couldn’t visit a patient in an ER who developed an acute post-operative surgical wound and breathing problems.

LSL gone wrong

Dr. Rosenblatt has also decided to steer clear of the new machines that reportedly zap cellulite and tighten collagen without surgery. “They cost over $100,000 and then you have to spend more to promote that you have them.  I don’t think they work well, anyway.” He doesn’t understand why a woman would have two or three procedures on her face, each costing thousands of dollars and lasting only a couple of years when she could have a facelift that lasts for many years more.

I liked the doctor’s straight talk.

Geri Brin, founder,

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  1. Lori says:

    I have a plastic surgeon who I’ve worked with for sometime. She is an Accredited member of the Board of Plastic Surgeons and has a successful practice. She has partnered with a surgeon who does “face only” work and does Mini Lifts. I was considering getting one done and would have the consultation first.
    I think that it definitely depends on the doctor and the research you do. It’s not someone you would just pull out of the Yellow Pages!

  2. portlandgirl says:

    What prompted you to do this article? I am in the Aesthetic business. I have seen similar scars from ‘renowned’ plastic surgeons. Also, the information that the patients are not seen by the Doctor before hand at LSLC is not correct. I have been in their centers (no, I do not work for them and I have not had the procedure done) and have heard the patients name called and the Doctor is meeting with them.
    There are good and bad Doctors everywhere. You have to do your research. If you look on LSLC webpage there is a background on each Doctor.
    Also, Dr. Rosenblatt sounds a little miffed that his ‘cash cow’ is being spread around!! Of course the lasers work! Many people, men and women have them done. NO, they do not replace surgery, but for those of us that prefer a more natural look (and looking like you are 4o when you are 60 is not natural) and don’t want surger or are working to much and to hard to take the time off, it is a wonderful alternative. Sour grapes Doc….

    • Steve says:

      Well said! Maybe the good doctor tried to get a job with Lifestyle Lift and they wouldn’t hire him. Sour grapes is right.

  3. Mick says:

    It’s the SURGEON folks, not the surgery. For heaven’s sake, know your practioner inside out beforehand. A poor private practice facelift surgeon can botch your procedure just as fast as a poor LSL surgeon. Someone has to graduate at the bottom of the class, and it is your responsibility to know who is doing your procedure (whatever it is!) and what their work looks like – before you are under the knife. You also need to know how you heal, and if you are prone to scarring. It is surgery, it is a big deal, and your responsibility is to get someone skilled to do your procedure.

    I had an LSL 5 years ago – with an eyelift and it turned out wonderfully – NO SCARS. I spoke to the doctor twice before the day of the surgery, including a pre-consult with him. There was also a follow up. It went exactly the way I anticipated it would, with no surprises.

  4. Becky says:

    I too have had a LSL. The results are great and will do it again in another ten years. I also know several other ladies that have had the LSL procedure done and they loved their results. LSL would not be in business if they were no successful with their procedure. Maybe there is a little envy going on here.

  5. Kimberly Irby says:

    Well, that pretty much puts a halt to any idea I had of LSL surgery! Thanks for saving me, FOF gals! Peace and love!

  6. Joan says:

    I have had the procedure and mine does not look anything like that. I met with two plastic surgeons prior to the procedure and they required a checkup from my regular doctor since I have been on blood thinner for several years. I am completely happy with the results from the surgery that was done over a year ago. I guess maybe I got a very good doctor and was very lucky but I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone. I did pay more than the $5,000. I am 69.

  7. Still Blonde after all these YEARS says:

    Geri, Thank-you for this information. I was strongly considering this procedure. I hope you will pursue this topic further as many women talk about this procedure and many are convinced it’s NO BIG DEAL!


    The Chief Blonde!

  8. BlueBear says:

    OMG! That scarring is horrific! I have never seen anything remotely like that in my friends who have had facelifts. Their scarring was hidden in their hairlines and it was never noticeable! $5K to allow someone to mutilate you like this is simply unforgivable!


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