Dr. Elizabeth Almeyda


Dr. Elizabeth Almeyda

Plastic Surgery NYC
75 Central Park West
New York, NY 10023

Tel:  (212) 501-0600
Fax: (212) 496-1919
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What you should know:

It may sound funny coming from a plastic surgeon, but beauty is not skin-deep. Real beauty comes from within and reflects the truth of each individual. When you consider the importance of a person’s self-image to the future course and quality of their life, anything that can bolster it is probably a good thing. If an eye lift, or a tummy tuck can make a difference in a person’s sense of self-worth, then its value cannot be denied. Just as time and gravity work to unhinge a person who does nothing but grow older, a thinking person will overcome these forces by applying another. That is where I come in.

Communication plays a crucial role in cosmetic procedures. So that you will be satisfied with the results, your message must get through. As a female surgeon, I bring a sensitivity by virtue of understanding what it’s like to be a woman. Although the promise of enhanced beauty is compelling, the decision to proceed with a cosmetic procedure should never be made lightly. It takes more than the skilled hands of a master to gain such trust from an entire community. It takes resources such as these:

– A fully equipped operating room which rivals a hospital operating room
– A recovery room and treatment rooms
– The services of a board certified anesthesiologist
– A caring staff who makes every effort to make my patient comfortable before, during, and after the procedure.

These are the resources and credentials you must demand and we are able to give you when you place your trust in my hands.

Breast augmentation performed by Dr. Almeyda.

Breast reduction performed by Dr. Almeyda.

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