Dr. Lawrence Bass


Dr. Lawrence Bass

Bass Plastic Surgery PLLC
568 Park Avenue
New York, New York 10065

Tel: (212) 593-2600

Patient Praise:

I have been a patient of Dr. Bass for a long time doing fillers and other facial rejuvenation treatments, so I was comfortable with him, but I also felt confident and prepared by his consultation about having the facelift surgery.

Everyone was wonderful, everything was perfectly planned. Everyone on staff is very sweet, nice, kind, and made the process easy. It was easier than going to the dentist!

In terms of recovery, I would say I went out after about 2 weeks, and most of the bruising and swelling as gone. My family saw me after about 3 weeks, and they all thought I looked amazing, even without make-up…Even my son in law, and he never notices anything! I went back to the gym after 4 weeks, and all the girls there noticed and commented on how great I looked.

Overall I was very satisfied, and would definitely do it again. It was a fairly easy recovery since I didn’t really have to do anything, going home after the procedure wasn’t a big deal, and the instructions on what I needed to do were clear and simple. Dr. Bass called the day after my procedure, and checked on how I was doing. I would definitely recommend having a facelift with Dr. Bass, he is an excellent surgeon and very caring. If anyone every wanted an in person recommendation, I’d be happy to talk with them about it personally!

I would recommend having a facelift to friends, but only with a highly trained, skilled, artistic, and thoughtful surgeon like Dr. Bass. I had another smaller lift about 20 years ago, and it wasn’t a good experience. In the past I have done fillers with Dr. Bass as well, which were great, but the facelift gave me much more volume because I also did the fat grafting, plus it took out a lot of the loose skin that had developed since my previous lift. It is a much bigger and longer lasting result, which to me was worth it.

Before & After:

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