Dr. Michael Petrosky


Dr. Michael Petrosky

120 Vann Street, Suite 150
Marietta, GA 30060

Tel: (770) 421-1242
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A facelift performed on JoEllen D. by Dr. Petrosky.


Patient Praise:

For several years I avoided looking into the mirror. I would only quickly glance to make sure my makeup looked alright before I left for work. I resigned myself to the notion that I was getting older: double chins; eyelid hoods; bags under my eyes; and those “Howdy Doody” lines around my mouth. Although I never imagined that I would have a facelift, at 65 I decided if not now, when?

Dr. Petrosky is a master surgeon, an artist, and a compassionate physician. Within twenty-four hours after the surgery I looked into the mirror and saw an old friend! Although I was swollen and had some discoloring, I saw the “me” I remembered. My appearance is now the better version of myself. What I did not anticipate was the joy I felt on the inside. I love the way I look. Having this procedure not only improved my physical appearance but filled me with a renewed confidence.

My experience with Dr. Petrosky, the office staff, and the certified registered nurse anesthetist at the Plastic Surgery Center of the South helped to make this one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself

-JoEllen D.

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