Dr. Tracy Pfeifer


Dr. Tracy Pfeifer

1175 Park Avenue
New York, New York 10028

Tel: (212) 860-0670

Patient Praise:

Choosing a plastic surgeon is very difficult. Even when you research the background of the surgeon you have selected, you never know what will and can happen. I have always had large breasts and did not want them hanging down to my knees by age 60. I had my first breast augmentation and uplift done years ago but, unfortunately, within the year one breast developed capsular contracture and my breasts were distorted and uneven.

When this happened I was faced again with the dilemma: who do I trust, where should I go and how much will it cost? Well, fortunately I found Dr. Tracy Pfeifer. Not only is she a female surgeon but an informative, confident, trustworthy and competent surgeon. She reconstructed my breasts and took every precaution to avoid any problems that might arise. She uses the most advanced techniques and is an artist in her own right.

My breasts are now beautiful and even! I love how they look and feel. Dr. Pfeifer is kind, gentle, and a perfectionist. You can go on-line and read her credentials but I am living proof of a well reconstructed augmentation and breast lift patient. I only wish I knew her earlier. Happy as can be! You will be too!

A breast augmentation/reconstruction performed by Dr. Pfeifer.

A Sculptra procedure performed by Dr. Pfeifer.

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