It’s Time to Squash The Stigma of Plastic Surgery

The stigma of plastic surgery is no longer
an issue for most women; if anything, a well-done
nip/tuck is something to be proud of, and shared
with girlfriends.

It’s also no secret that advances in medicine mean that cosmetic procedures are safer, more efficient, and more effective than ever. Despite these facts, however, five reasons stop many fab women over 50 from moving ahead and booking appointments for aesthetic procedures they’d love to have.

As one of Houston’s busiest cosmetic surgeons, I have some good news: These challenges shouldn’t be enough to keep you away from having your dream cosmetic treatment.

Challenge # 1: MONEY

No matter who you are, the cost of plastic surgery will always be a concern. Even though health insurance rarely covers these elective procedures, cosmetic treatments are becoming increasingly affordable on any budget. The most respected cosmetic surgeons also offer several financing options. This can help to get your desired procedure today—when you really want it—without saving for months or draining your bank account.

Challenge #2: THE SPOUSE

A significant other is the second most common reason that women avoid cosmetic procedures. While the lack of support can be scary, think about bringing in your spouse or boyfriend during the consultation appointment. This will give him the chance to meet the doctor, learn more about the procedure, visualize the potential results, and ultimately, feel like a part of the life-changing process. Most of the time, women find that their partners are extremely helpful when given the opportunity.

Challenge #3: FEAR

It’s easy to be terrified by the surgical nightmares that we see played out on television, online, or even gossiped about by co-workers. Education is the best way to ease your mind. Read reviews from a variety of different sources, remembering to eliminate the ‘too good to be true’ and ‘horror story’ remarks; these are often more emotional than accurate.. Next, schedule a consultation with a well-respected, Board Certified cosmetic surgeon. This physician will be key to deciding which procedures will be safe and effective for you.

Challenge #4: LACK OF DOWNTIME

The bottom line, women lead jam-packed lives that rarely hold the luxury for a week or two off to recuperate after plastic surgery. Luckily, the wide variety of cosmetic procedures available today do not require overnight hospital stays or lengthy healing processes. Be sure to let your surgeon know that your recovery time is limited; he or she may be able to suggest a noninvasive treatment that requires little to no downtime.


This is not 1960, when plastic surgery made women look like they belonged in Madame Tussauds. Natural is in! The idea of plastic surgery today is to make you look the best you can, not to try and make you look like you did when you were in high school.

If you’ve ever thought about having plastic surgery, the best approach is to gather as much information as you can before deciding whether or not it’s right for you.

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0 Responses to “It’s Time to Squash The Stigma of Plastic Surgery”

  1. Ing says:

    I had a facelift, under eye procedure, forehead life and neck lift 18 years ago. It was traumatic and scary but the results have lasted until now, and I still look good. If I’m able, I will have a mid-face lift to correct some jowling and tightening of my neck again, but I have NEVER regretted having it done back in ’97.

    • Missy X says:

      @Ing, Happy for you.!! ~ I had a full facelift in ’99 at age 50. Best thing I’ve EVER done for myself. Some spend their money on trips, cars, wardrobes… I chose my appearance. My confidence went thru the roof. It’s been 16 years… am ready for a mid face and jowls. Looks totally natural. Only problem is jealous women. Even those who don’t know. Why are women jealous of other attractive women? I’m thrilled to see a beautiful lady. Especially older ones. I always appreciate beauty. I’ve never had time for envy or jealousy. Too much wasted energy. LOL.
      Be happy.!!

  2. powellr says:

    Money is the one thing keeping me from a face lift.

  3. Truth B Told says:

    Yes, most people who’ve had face lifts looked pulled too tight. And some of the injectable procedures look overdone.. I want to look natural after surgery.


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