Her Breasts Interfered With Her Daily Life

Every woman wants nice breasts, but when yours are 44G, and you’re only 5’2”, they’re not usually your best friends.

Read why one woman finally made the decision to downsize.

How old are you?


What do you do?

I’m a cash applications specialist, another term for accounts receivable, for US Oncology.

Married? Kids?

I’m married and have two children, a boy (4) and a girl (11).

Why did you want breast reduction surgery?

I’ve wanted to have the surgery for years now, due to my family history of breast cancer. My mom, who also had big breasts, got breast cancer in her early 40s (she had a lumpectomy, followed by chemo and radiation and has been cancer free). My mom’s mom died of breast cancer.

Having large breasts makes it harder to detect cancer. I’ve had a couple of mammograms and all my doctors have recommended that I have breast reduction surgery.

My large breasts also limited the activities I could do. I couldn’t run or jump. I had a lot of back pain, which became worse when I sat in front of the computer all day. It was hard to sit or stand up straight. When I dieted, my breasts wouldn’t become smaller.

My breasts interfered with my daily life and I finally said, ‘I need to do this and I need to do this now.’ I wanted to live a healthier lifestyle.

Breast reduction performed by Dr. Roberta Gartside

What size bra did you wear before the surgery and what size do you wear now?

After I had my two children, I became a size 44G. I’m only 5’ 2” so you can just imagine how it felt. I’m now a 38C. I always wondered why women wanted implants. ‘Why are you doing this?’ I’d say to myself. ‘Do you know how large breasts are going to make you feel?’

Have you been tested for the BRCA gene?

No, I wasn’t.

How did you find Dr. Gartside?

After my insurance was approved, I did research through my insurance company. Dr. Gartside’s name came up and I thought I’d be more comfortable with a female doctor. I read the great reviews on her website. I booked a consultation and I liked her personality. I thought she was on top of her game.

Tell us about the surgery?

I had the surgery in June. It took less than two hours. My girlfriend, who came with me, went to get coffee and returned to the waiting room to relax. By the time she got settled, Dr. Gartside appeared and told her I was out of surgery and everything went well. As an outpatient, I was on my merry way the same day as the surgery.

How was your recuperation?

I am happy with the results. Dr. Gartside is an amazing doctor and I did feel very comfortable with her. You can’t lift your arms for a while. When I was still experiencing discomfort—not pain—after two weeks, I decided to stay home another two weeks, especially since I have to drive a distance to work. I made the decision to take off from work and to take care of myself.

Has the surgery helped you to be more physical?

Yes, I’m exercising more and eating right. I’m still curtailing my jumping and running activity now since I don’t want to take any chances. I wear sports bras but I take it easy. I do speed walking and jogging here and there.

Have you lost weight since the surgery?

I had gained weight after my pregnancies. I’ve lost a good 10 to 15 pounds during the last few months.

Would you recommend this surgery to a woman in her 50s or older?


What else makes you happy since your surgery?

I recently wore a dress to a wedding, with no bra. I never had that happen before. My large breasts kept me from doing so many things. I like to dress up and wear nice clothes, which I couldn’t do.

What does your husband think about what you did?

Before the surgery, he said I should be happy with the way I was. But when he realized how unhappy my breasts made me, he understood why I wanted the surgery. He’s seen the difference it’s made on me and on my back and so he’s happy for me.

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  1. Coco says:

    I finally had the surgery in September 2013. I wish I had decades ago. Large, heavy breasts are very uncomfortable. Neck, shoulder & back pain is a daily nuisance. Not to mention the expensive not so attractive bras. I went from a 36F to a 36C. I also have not been able to go bra less since about the age of 13. Now I have the choice. Recovery is pretty easy, given your physical & mental health. I got fit prior to the surgery, which I believe assisted in my speedy recovery.

    If you are considering this life enhancing surgery, do it now. In Canada, the wait list can be up to 2 years. Start the process today!


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