We Want To Move There, Too!

Now that Dr. Mary Powers has opened an office in Westlake Village, CA, her two practices offer plastic surgery from Long Beach to Beverly Hills in Southern California. A Board Certified plastic surgeon with over 20 years experience, Dr. Powers chose Westlake Village because she says it appeals to her to her “aesthetic sense as a place to live and work!”

WLV (pop. around 9,000) residents are wealthy (average income is over six figures) and many are college educated.  Attracting both retired people,as well as young families, the town is like a “mini South Hampton, but with a lower pretense factor,” Dr. Powers says. “We have a lake instead of a beach [although the Malibu beach is 15 minutes away] and many country clubs,” she adds. “I love the area physically. It is surrounded by rolling, green hills and looks and feels like a different country from LA, but it’s only 40 minutes away.  There’s no traffic and you can’t see the air. The streets are wide, well designed and clean and they don’t have potholes.”

And, oh yes, while WSV residents care about keeping their well-planned community safe, secure and attractive, they also care about their appearance.  That is surely a good thing for Dr. Powers!

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