Hi, I’m 26 yr old with four girls (8,6,2,1) which the last two I breast feed. I wear a size 32C and my breasts are very saggy with a fair amount of loose skin. I was wondering can I just get a breast lift or do I have to get implants with such small breasts?

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  1. Dr. Thomas Mustoe wrote on :

    It is not possible to give firm recommendations without an in person examination. In general a breast lift can preserve breast volume, and leave you at a C cup, with an enormous improvement in their appearance, removal of excess skin, normal nipple position, and a more pleasing shape. However, there is no good solution for restoring fullness to the upper half of your breast except an implant, although in some selected cases, fat grafting can help a great deal without an implant. A small implant can be placed without significantly increasing the size of your breasts.

  2. Dr. Peter Johnson wrote on :

    If you are happy with your current breast size an implant is not needed for sagginess or loose skin from pregnancy. You can have a breast lift alone to shape and restore your breast. Breast lift will not diminish your current cup size, and can recruit the present breast volume into a more pert shape, though many will choose to add an implant to improve the projection and upper fill in the breast, but the best approach is one that will meet your goals and expectations.

  3. Dr. Gustavo Galante wrote on :

    Mild sagginess can be improved with an implant alone.If you have a lot of excess skin as you are describing, a lift is necessary to move the nipple to a higher, more pleasing position and to lift the sagging tissue. A lift alone does not usually give the upper pole fullness that most women desire, and implants are usually needed. Performing these procedures together carries slightly more risk than either of them alone. Depending on your anatomy and desired size, the procedures are sometimes staged, doing one then the other 4-6 months later. Discuss these options with your surgeon.

  4. Dr. Janet Turkle wrote on :


    Thanks for your question. It depends upon the amount of breast volume you have lost and what breast size you would like to have. We certainly do many breast lifts without augmentation. A consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon will allow you the opportunity to discuss your specific situation and goals and determine if a breast lift, breast implants or both are needed.

  5. drjasonpetrungaro wrote on :

    You ask a great question. It is difficult to say with complete certainty what you will need as far as a surgical procedure without seeing photos or doing an examination, but based on how you are describing your breasts, it is highly likely that you will need both a breast lift with an augmentation. 4 children and breastfeeding will often result in very deflated breasts once you are done breastfeeding. A breast lift alone can help move the nipple back up and tighten the breast skin, but a lift alone will NOT restore lost volume and fullness. If you want to restore your volume, you will likely need to add an augmentation to the breast lift procedure. This is a very common, safe procedure that produces wonderful results.

    I hope this helps! Good luck!

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