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I’m 60 yrs old and haven’t seriously considered plastic surgery, except for my eyes. In the last few years, when I’m tired, my eyelids seem to droop over my eyes more and more. I’ve heard that that insurance will sometimes cover the cost of surgery to eliminate the ‘overhang’ if it starts to interfere with your eyesight. Is this a common type of surgery, and do you know what the criterion would be to qualify for it?

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  1. Dr. E. Musarra wrote on :

    Debbie, Tired upper eyelids is very common in the over 50 generation. As we age, the skin of the upper eyelids stretches, allowing the excess skin to push down on the eye lashes partially blocking vision. You will need to see an opthalmologist to have a visual field exam to determine if there is enough of a problem to qualify for insurance coverage. You should then see a board certified plastic surgeon to provide this operation which is relatively easy to have. The improvement is a real eye opener. Not only can you see better, but you can see more of your upper eyelids, making your eyes more attractive and allowing more space for applying make up. Check it out.
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  2. Dr. William Rosenblatt wrote on :

    Once upon a time insurance covered this surgery, now is is almost all done on a fee for service basis. Unless you have such severe hooding you need to pay.

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