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I’m currently a 36 C and only 5’2″. If you wanted to enhance the size of your breasts, what size would you go up to and does it depend on my age or not?

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  1. Dr. Martha Matthews wrote on :

    The answer isn’t simple. There are many considerations, including your height and frame, as well as your preferences, and the type of “look” you are going for. In addition, your age, your skin elasticity, and your own breast tissue firmness make a difference. In some cases, the volume of the breast tissue is good, but the distribution is not ideal (for example, the saggy breast). In other cases, the person is interested in a specific look, like having a lot of fullness in the upper part of the breast. The final consideration is gravity – a larger breast is going to sag more over time, because it weighs more.

    Sometimes the answer is a lift, sometimes an implant, sometimes both, and sometimes a reduction! I ask patients to look on the internet for photos of people who are built similar to them, and bring me photos of what size they like, and even what they don’t like. Don’t obsess on the actual implant size (the cc’s). I can go from those examples, and explain what is possible, what I would recommend, and what I think is not a good idea.

    A final caution – those of us who are petite need to be careful about size – there just isn’t that much space between our shoulders and our hips. Breasts that are too large for the frame can make you look heavier.

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