JewelHopson SAID:

I’m writing this letter for my beautiful sister. She suffered from an ailment which left her tawny skin, dark gray/brown. In the past heat emanated from burning flare-ups. Along with red, swollen, watery and itchy eyes, the affected area turned red. When her skin cooled, she was left with discoloration. This happened many times and the spots are dark masses around her eyes and mouth, and on her cheeks.
Her primary care physician sent my sister to a dermatologist who looked at her skin, shrugged his shoulders and said he could not identify the condition, much less treat it. After getting a second opinion with similar results and after professional dermabrasions followed by skin lighteners, she believes the only thing she can do is cover the marks with make-up. However, the discolorations are now difficult to conceal. They’re also on her neck and upper chest to a lesser degree.
The burning sensation was painful to her, however, the emotional effects continue. She refuses to even water flowers in her own yard without first applying makeup fearing someone might see her marked face.
Doctor, if you can tell her what caused her problem and give her a plan of action to remove the skin scarring? I’m sure she would be grateful.

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