pamscott SAID:

Do any of the following lipo-reducing therapies work? Lip0-dissolve, I-Lipo, Laser Lipo, Ultra-cavitation? I tried 6 sessions of Zerona and it was a COMPLETE waste of money. Don’t want to make that mistake again! Are there any non-invasive therapies out there that actually contour your body or reduce cellulite?

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  1. Dr. Csaba Magassy wrote on :

    Dear Pamela: As you have found out, you have spent a great deal of time and money to finally realize that the results do not match the hype and expectations….From what I gather, you have a substantial amount of fat and cellulite to drastically improve. The latest is “Smart Lipo” laser system that not will remove the unwanted fat, but it will also shrink your skin and improve the stretch marks..Access my web-site so can see some realistic before/after cases…..Dr.CLM

  2. Dr. Mark Richards wrote on :

    Unfortunately, many companies will sell devices to non-surgeons that provide only mildly effective treatments. These non-surgeon doctors do not have operating privileges in a hospital to perform body contouring operations, so these office devices allow them to “cash in” on the demand for no downtime body shaping. Many of thes non-surgical body contouring treatments are provided by doctors that are not board certified plastic surgeons. The limitations of body contouring devices that claim minimal or no downtime is that there is often little or no results that would make most patients happy.

    Some of the newer devices that use ultrasound to destroy fat beneath the skin (such as UltraShape) show significant promise to deliver reasonable results with little or no down time. As technology advances, more of these devices will come into the market place and their effectiveness will improve.

  3. Dr. Gustavo Galante wrote on :

    There are countless innovations in the field of cosmetic surgery today that claim to improve a variety of conditions or problems. Some of these therapies can generate wonderful results. Unfortunately, many of these new procedures and devices have placed the marketing before the science. In other words, the hype associated with them seem to be greater than well controlled scientific studies proving their value and long term results. Frequently, they are promoted under the attractive term of “minimal to no down time”. Unfortunately, this has led to many disappointed patients as yourself.

    Most of these devices depend on patient selection and realistic expectations, both critical when considering any elective procedure. There are therapies that are effective, but the physician and the patient must have a frank discussion regarding the possible results, including no improvement. Sometimes the patient is not a good candidate for a therapy, and the answer may have to be “I don’t think I can help you”. Both doctors and patients should be willing to step away if that is the right thing to do.

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