grandmakaren SAID:

I am 62 and have dark circles and puffy eyelids as well as those marionette lines what would these procedures cost?

0 Answers

  1. Dr. Kevin Tehrani wrote on :

    Dear Karen,
    You likely will benefit from blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) or fillers. I like Restylane or Belotero for the lower eyelid hollows to decrease the shadowing effect. You would need an examination to assess you’d candidacy.

  2. Dr. William Rosenblatt wrote on :

    Having your eyelids done fixes the puffy lower lids, also excess skin can be removed from the upper lids. The lines can use a filler such as Radiesse or Juviderm. The cost is variable, different surgeons charge different fees. Also, it depends on what you need done and for that you need to be seen. I offer a complimentary consultation so you can find out what everything costs. Estimates over the internet are not at all reliable.

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