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I am a 50 year old with controlled HBP and controlled High Cholesteral. I recently quit smoking after being an on and off social smoker (never a pack a day habit or anything). I am nervous about anesthesia for these reasons and the fact that I don’t wake up “well,” but have always wanted breast reduction. It seems the older I get the more I use my breast size as an excuse NOT to do things. Ive never been comfortable with my breasts (which I believe are 36 or 38 DDD). I am 5’4″ and weight almost 180lbs now. I’ve been inactive (except for a nightly walk) for about a year now and have slowly gained about 20 lbs from that inactivity. They are a constant cause of depression for me. I just don’t know where to begin. I would only see a female surgeon but would, of course, want the best. I had a myomectomy at 36 years (?) and hysterectomy at 40 and just don’t like waking up from surgery. I’m queezy, cold and confused for at least a day. My last surgery was 5 hours and I think this surgery is as well. I’ve had zofran before each surgery and still, it’s scary waking up and I always vomit (which is fun with an abdominal incision). I am also very modest although I’m smart enough to realize the doctor sees breasts all day and mine are no different. I think I need a sedative just to talk about this subject, let alone go for a consult! Any doctors who specialize in anxiety-ridden individuals? LOL I know I’m in a good area for great doctors. Willing to travel to NYC or stay here in NJ. Just need a push in the right direction. I would also want my upper arms done as well.

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  1. Dr. Stephen Chidyllo wrote on :

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and concerns with us concerning your desire for breast reduction surgery. I will try to answer and respond to your issues. First I must stress you will need a full examination by your plastic surgeon of choice before a surgical plan can be outlined with you. Due to you co-existing medical issues you might also require a clearance from your medical doctor prior to any surgical procedures. Breast reduction surgery is one of the most rewarding surgery that healthy women can have performed. After living with heavy breasts for years most women express a sense of “Freedom” to perform more activities which they never could before their surgery. It is a life changing procedure!! I completely understand the issue of your desire to seek a female surgeon, however this is something I cannot change on my end. However I can state that 80% of my practice is the treatment of female patients and we try to make them as comfortable as possible in our practice, and respect their privacy. Breast surgery is a commonly performed in my practice. I am sure that you will find a highly qualified surgeon here in New Jersey

  2. Dr. Beverly Friedlander wrote on :

    Breast reduction surgery is an excellent means improving the size of the breasts and of giving you more energy and motivation to be more active since the heaviness of the breasts would not be weighing you down any longer. The surgery is safe with your controlled high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol and the fact that you have recently stopped smoking adds a greater level of safety for you. There are new techniques for controlling post op nausea and vomiting that may not have been in use 10 -15 years ago, so that may not be an issue any longer. I would suggest you seek a consultation with a board certified female plastic surgeon who will be able to put you at ease about your breast reduction and your upper arms. It is common to perform surgery on the arms and the breast at the same time Good Luck

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