trukergirlz SAID:

I have a scar I had gotten since childhood on my forehead, it is eembarrassing and I have been covering it up with my bangs. The question is can scars on the forehead be surgically removed or correct.

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  1. Dr. Robert Wilcox wrote on :

    Forehead scars can be revised by excising the scar the full thickness of the skin, then undermining (lifting) the opposing edges and resewing them now under less traumatic conditions than when you sustained the injury. In addition, Scar Recovery Gel and/or silicone gel tape can be used post-operatively to help the healing.

    The best results are when the scars on the forehead are horizontal and oriented the same direction as the natural wrinkles present or anticipated in the future.

    I hope this has been helpful.

    Robert D. Wilcox, MD

  2. Dr. Wesley Myers wrote on :

    Scar revision is a surgical procedure performed to improve the way a scar looks. Scars cannot be removed entirely. The objective of scar revision is to make a scar less severe, less noticeable, and camouflage the scar within the natural skin creases and shadows of the body. I recommend that you make an appointment with a plastic surgeon to have the scar evaluated for possible revision.

  3. Dr. Constance Barone wrote on :

    Unfortunately scars can never be totally removed. They can be improved with surgical revision, laser and fillers Have it evaluated to see what can be done. Best of luck

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