KaitlynMendez SAID:

I want to study to be a plastic surgeon what do you suggest majoring in?

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  1. Dr. Elizabeth Morgan wrote on :

    To be accepted to a US medical school today, a college major in a hard science (biology, biochemistry, physics, chemistry, etc) is almost essential. An honors degree is the norm. DO schools tend to have easier acceptance criteria. Off-shore Caribbean schools are often the only option for college graduates without an honors science degree.
    To be accepted to a plastic surgery residency after medical school, at the moment, the standards are very demanding with an average USMLE Step 1 score of 260 and several scientific research publications.

    All fields of medicine are fascinating. Family Medicine, long neglected, is now in exceptionally high demand and has less demanding acceptance standards – at the moment.
    Best Wishes!

  2. Dr. Michael Hueneke wrote on :

    It used to be science (biology, chemistry, etc) Now pretty much anything, but science classes help you in medical school. Business is nice because no one teaches you that.

  3. Dr. Robert Buchanan wrote on :

    Fortunately, you can major in anything you wish. You need only basic science, biology and anatomy. However, if I could go back, I would major in business management.

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