Bailyboo SAID:

I gain a lot of weight taking care of a sick husband who is now passed I lost 70 lbs I now want a breast lift tummy tuck and and skin removed from my top of leg area. I need to find a good dr to help me I’m am 62 and want to start dating again and want to feel good about my body I need so help to achieve that thank you

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  1. Dr. Curtis Wong wrote on :

    Ms. Dundas,

    I happy to hear you are ready to do this for yourself and you should find a local plastic surgeon who can help you through this journey. Fees vary considerably and you should also know your surgeon’s revision policy as you are almost certainly going to desire them down the road. Your surgeon should be able to provide you photos of his/her results and ideally, even show you less then perfect results and how it was managed.

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