Wilson SAID:

I had silicone implants (textured bag) placed, back in 1991. That was the second time after first ones had problem.so they have been in now for 21yrs. I’ve had no problems with them , but have just been told I need to replace them before they rupture.as at some point they probably will. It is not a procedure that I want to do again, after having them done twice to begin. I am now 54 and was hoping they would be fine indefinitely . Do you think the procedure needs to be redone? If so why? If not why?

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  1. Dr. Douglas Leppink wrote on :

    Your question is very common among women with “older” implants. The issue relates to the implants themselves, as the older implants were more likely to break (up to 10% risk per year) so we would often recommend replacing them regularly. In your case it is possible that they are fine, and do not require replacement, but after 20+ years most of the implants placed in the 80’s and 90’s would be likely broken. If they are broken it is possible that the liquid silicone could spread into the surrounding breast tissue, and result in a mass that could raise the suspicion of cancer (remember that silicone itself does not cause cancer). My opinion is that your old implants should be replaced with newer generation implants that are much more durable. Thanks for your question!

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