Judith21300 SAID:

after major weight reduction the skin on my back is sagging. no amount of toning exercise is helping. is there a surgery to remove excess skin from the back?

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  1. Dr. David Motoki wrote on :

    Removal of excess back skin after weight loss can be done but requires long incisions that result in scars that are visible when not covered by clothing. Most patients are happy to trade the sagging skin for the scars.

  2. Dr. Susan Kaweski wrote on :

    If it truly is excess skin of the back, it can be excised. However, it depends where it is in order to minimize the scar. If it is excess fat, smart liposuction can be performed which not only removes the fat but causes the skin to contract.
    Susan Kaweski, MD, FACS
    Diplomate of American Board of Plastic Surgery

  3. Dr. James Wethe wrote on :

    Absolutely- marked amounts of weight loss has benefits to your health in many ways but not so much for the skin. Sagging skin of the back can certainly be removed and tailored in to fit your new shape. The downside would be that there will be a scar where the excess skin is removed. I agree, no amount of exercise or toning seems to help much but surgery can. Seek out a board certified plastic surgeon to help you with those choices and decisions.
    J. Wethe, M.D.

  4. Dr. Curtis Wong wrote on :

    There are always procedures that can remove the excess skin following weight loss. You just need to decide on whether you are willing to accept the scars that come with it. You should see a local plastic surgeon for an evaluation and recommendations and look at photos of other bariatric patients who have had such contouring procedures.

  5. Scott Sattler wrote on :

    This sagging ‘bra roll’ region is troublesome. There is a procedure called a ‘back bra roll lift’ whcih can eliminate this sagging skin and it creates a scar that can be hidden beneath the bra straps. I’ve had good success with this technique.

  6. Dr. Shankar Lakshman wrote on :

    Great Question! The excess skin can be safely removed, tightening the area. There can be a significant scar, so you may have to be prepared for that. Many times, after significant weight loss, my patients would rather have the scar than the excess skin. I hope this helpful and congratulations on your weight loss!

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