AshleySiscanu SAID:

I Have Ehlers danlos Syndrome type 2 And 3. So I Was Wondering If I Would Be able To Get A Boob Job And Some Other Minor Things Done. Also Would Everything Heal Ok.. I Guess My Main Question Is Would I Be Able To Get Plastic Surgery?

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  1. Dr. Marialyn Sardo wrote on :

    I actually have done a breast augmentation on a patient who had Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, however, I was unaware that the patient had the disorder until after the procedure. The procedure was very difficult as the blood vessels were very delicate and the tissues were fragile and tore easily. Although she ultimately healed well and had a good result, I would not want to repeat the experience. It would pose increase risks for you to undergo this procedure and I would not recommend undergoing elective cosmetic surgery.

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