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Hi i am a 51 year old . I had under the muscle saline breast implants done about 14 years ago. My problem is I bent over to move my chair and my right breast hit my knee and squished it, causing severe pain which has not gotten any better in 6 days. Pain when ever I breath are any movement to my body or right arm. A little bit swollen too. Could this be the sign of a rupture or just muscle strain ? Can an implant move and cause this? Breast looks ok. Thank you for any advice for relief of pain.

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  1. Dr. Douglas Monasebian wrote on :

    Good day Ms. Sherman. There are several possibilities as to what may be the source of your pain. You should definitely be seen by a Plastic Surgeon for an examination.
    Thank you.

  2. Dr. Farhad Rafizadeh wrote on :

    You definitely need to bee seen by a board certified plastic surgeon. There could be several reason for the swelling and the pain. You could have had a tear in the capsule that has formed around the implant or a muscle tear.

  3. Dr. Rondi Walker wrote on :

    Dear Ms. Sherman,

    Thank you for your question. If your breast appears normal in size and shape the implant is probably not ruptured. While it is true that saline implant have a higher incidence of rupture, especially as the implant has been in place for greater than ten years, rupture and implant deflation are generally a painless process. It is possible the capsule around the implant has ruptured, but it sounds as if you have a contused muscle and rib. If the pain persists past 10 days I would recommend seeing a plastic surgeon and getting an MRI of the breast to determine implant integrity.

    Good luck!


    Dr. Rondi Walker

    • A Doctor wrote on :

      Hi Marie,

      I was just reading about your concern and hoped one of our doctors had addressed it, so I was glad to see Dr. Walker’s response. I hope your pain disappears soon. Best, Geri Brin, Founder, FabOverFifty

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