zipporahs SAID:

I’m 58 and already have terrible bags under my eyes along with the hereditary dark circles. Are there injectables that would help me? I’m not ready to go under the knife quite yet. Thank you.

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  1. Dr. Olivia Hutchinson wrote on :

    Dear Ms. Sandler,
    Loose skin and fat bulges often take the appearance of “bags” under the eyes. These may sometimes be improved with fillers or fat injections to make them less noticeable. Laser resurfacing can provide skin tightening without surgery. Injectables are not very helpful in correcting hyperpigmentation or darkening of the skin.
    An in-person consultation would be most important to give you the best recommendations.
    Dr. Olivia Hutchinson

  2. Dr. Kevin Tehrani wrote on :

    Dear Zipporah, thank you for this question as this is a common question that is asked regularly in my consultation process. Some patients may benefit from injectables provided they do not have excessive skin overlying the area. He will need to be evaluated to see if you are a candidate.

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