ammiann SAID:

I need upper and lower eye surgery. I have hollows and bags under my eyes that make me look tired all time. In addition my upper lids make wearing my gas permeable contacts difficult. I saw a laser used to correct the under eye issue on a medical tv show that looked promising. Is that being used much?

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  1. Dr. Jeffrey Ditesheim wrote on :

    Everyone is different. Everyone has different eyes and what makes your eyes look better is only something that an experienced plastic surgeon can tell you. There are many techniques, including laser, but what you really want is to know what is best for you and see the pictures. A consultation is a time for you to understand what is best for your eyes.

  2. Dr. Robert Buchanan wrote on :

    Most things you see on TV about lasers or other machines are mostly hype. Although you can do the cutting part of a blepharoplasty using a laser (which sounds very modern and “magical”), it is easier and safer using other technology. The laser can also be used to mildly tighten the skin and get rid of some minimal wrinkles around the eyes. However, what you describe is much more than can be done this way. Without examining you, it is impossible to say exactly what you need. However, frequently, with problems as you describe you may need to have your brow stabilized as well as excess skin removed from the upper eyelid. Occasionally simple skin removal can provide you the correction you need. In the lower lid you should have the fat repositioned, particularly because of the “hollows” of which you complain, rather than removed as many surgeons are still doing. Together, these can give a markedly rejuvenated appearance to the eyes, correct the problems for which you complain and make you look less tired. See or for more information.

  3. Dr. James Leake wrote on :

    laser treatment around the eyes is used mostly for loose, wrinkled skin, and it can give a nice improvement. the “bags” will need to be removed with surgery. the surgery for upper and lower eyelids is very popular and heals well, giving a refreshed and rested look for the patient.

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