I’d like to know if any surgeons close to Silicone Valley/Bay area do these Knifeless laser surgeries. I’m looking for similar minimally invasive no-knife surgeries such as rapid recovery/flash breast augmentation, no-incision neck-lift and laser upper blepharoplasty and more:



I did a breast augmentation that left visible crooked bumpy scars (It wasn’t my skin being bad). I want to redo the breasts along with a scar revision, and I don’t want to repeat the risk of scarring with scalpel. I think laser should be neater and more precise. I don’t believe in the quick recovery much but I believe there will be less bleeding and bruising. I’m more worried about unsightly scars again.
Preferably looking for surgeons in Northern California.

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  1. Dr. Curtis Wong wrote on :

    Scarring will occur regardless of whether its from a laser or a scalpel. Some doctors push ‘laser surgery’ as better but in reality, its never help up to an objective study against the traditional scalpel. If you choose to have the laser done, I encourage you to get it in writing that it will result in a certain result that you are expecting and if not net, you should get a full refund. If you find that surgeon, please let me know so I can send all of my patients concerned about scar to him/her. But for the record, less than 2% of my patients have concerns about their scar following breast augmentation done with a scalpel.

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